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Vice President Run Off Results

VP results

Below are the results of the Special election that was held yesterday May 5, 2016. A run off election for the Vice President’s position will be held next Thursday May 12, 2016 in the same locations.




Ratification notice


Monday November 2, 2015. 10:30 am

We have received word from the UAW/GD/BET department of the International UAW that the contract has been ratified by 58%




Both the Proposed Local and National Agreements have PASSED locally.

We have not received word yet from the international on the out come at the other plants and as soon as we do we will update here.

The actual numbers will be posted in plant tomorrow, Monday November 2, 2015

Capture 2


Received Saturday at 11:54 am.

We will receive further instruction Sunday night.


As of 6:45 pm Sunday Oct. 18, 2015 we are still awaiting word on the status of the contract negotiations. We will update you as information comes in.

As of 6:45 pm Sunday Oct. 18, 2015 we are still awaiting word on the status of the contract negotiations. We will update you as information comes in.

As of 12:16 am we are currently under a 24 hour extension and negotiations continue hour to hour.


Tentative Agreement

Has been reached as of around 2:00 am on Monday October 19, 2015. All members should continue to report to work during your normal scheduled shift.



DSCF3546 (2)

By clicking on the picture you will get his obituary

John Tredway

President of Local 2075 Retiree’s

Passed away Saturday August 15, 2015

Rest in peace




Ted CroftTed Croft

February 6, 1932 – July 24, 2015

1st President of Local 2075

Rest In Peace


2015 UAW Local 2075 Picnic



On January 15, 2015 at the regular membership meeting held at the UAW hall on Bellefontaine Avn. the Local 2075 union Leadership presented brother Greg Gebolys with a plaque naming the meeting room he is standing in as “The Greg Gebolys War Room” in recognition of his generous donations that made it possible to create this room. Greg also had made previous donations to help to install stainless steel counter tops in the kitchen. Greg is a long time UAW member who is very actively involved in our Local union as the Chairman of the Veterans Committee as well as the Chairman of the Worker To Worker Committee. Greg was one of the driving forces behind the creation of the Freedom Flag Wall and is always very committed to making sure that our Local as well as General Dynamics is well represented in the public by coordinating the use of a tank to participate in the local community parades. His commitment to our Local 2075, to General Dynamics and to the UAW is and always has been second to none. Thank you Greg.

 Election 2014

Official UAW endorsments

It’s that time again, campaign season has begun. It is less than 40 days till Election Day and more than ever it is important to stay informed on which candidates will support workers. http://uawendorsements.org/ Follow this link to the UAW endorsement web site for a complete list of UAW endorsed candidates in your state.

Remember to vote, vote early and bring along a friend



  As many of you may or may not know the “Defense Contract Management Agency” (DCMA) has updated and changed their policy on the requirements for access to JSMC in accordance with several government Directives due to the recent shootings which have occurred on several military bases throughout the country. Because of this they, the DOA, has begun checking every person, active, laid off, delivery driver, visitor, manager and salesman to make sure they meet the new requirements for unescorted access to JSMC. We will most likely have some members who will not meet these requirements and will be told why and then be required to have an escort the entire time they are on the base. The company has already said that they will not provide daily escorts for our members and we currently do not have language that says they will. The Local union is doing everything they can to try to find ways to address this as well as contacting the International UAW legal department who are looking for avenues as well. This is a tough situation due to this being a military base and the government having broad discretion as to who is allowed access to it. We will continue to do everything we can first to help any affected members understand their rights to appeal and also how to go about filing for an appeal. If you have any questions about this process you can contact any one of the Local union reps listed in the “Local union representatives” tab on the left of this page and we will provide updates as they are needed. 

Labor Day factsLabor Day Facts 2



“Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?”

Cincinnati Bengals


Baltimore Ravens

Click link here (2014 Football trip) for more information.


2014 UAW Local 2075 Picnic

Click the link here (2014 Local 2075 Picnic) to view the PDF flyer for dates and times.


“2014 Triennial election results”



Carl Swartz

Vice President

Andy Bertog

Recording Secretary

Paul Matson

Financial Secretary

Charlie Couch


District 1 

  Alex Saam   

District 2

Mark Jutte

Skilled Trades

Steve Smith

Cheif Stewards

District 1 

Scott Paulik

District 2 and Skilled Trades

Tim “T-Bone” Bowen


       Jason Early ~ Dave Hobbs ~ Fielding Wireman

Sergeant at arms

Maurice Shelby


Jim Neiberg

2014 GDLS/UAW JSMC Comander’s Fishing Derby

Be sure to check out the pictures that we have added in the picture menu on the left. Great fun was had by all. Picture update

New pictures have been added to the Picture tab on the left. Be sure to check out the pictures from the Valentine’s Dance as well as the ones from the Comedy Night.

2014 Triennial Elections

Triennial election 2014 

It is time again for the Triennial election of officers. By clicking on the link above it will take you to a PDF of the posting that includes the dates and times to submit nominations as well as the dates of the election and the polling locations. It also includes the requirments to be eligable to be nominated. 

UAW International staff Visit– Be sure to view the photos of this visit by clicking on the pop up link located within the Pictures button on the left side menu. Move your mouse over the home button and it will appear.

Tailgate Party – What a great time had by all at the Clevland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals match up. Check out the pictures located on the left side menu under the Pictures button, remember just roll your mouse over it and the pop menu will apear.

Retirment Options – A list of the differant retirment options, each with a breif formula used to calculate benefits. If their are questions to any of these don’t hesatate to contact Ben Schenk.

Chad Argood – Sr. Chaplain – Here is a letter from our new Chairman of the Chaplain’s Committee    

         Happy Labor Day from the reps at Local